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Lots of free goodies

Get your mad web design skills up to grade with some of these helpful freeware tools:

WebColor free tag WebColor JustZIPit: The world's most powerful ZIP utility. Ok, so it's maybe not the most powerful -- but it's definitely the easiest. Just double-click a ZIP file to unzip and right-click a folder to ZIP. Forget WinZIP with it's nag screens and over 100 page manual. This little tool just does its job without unnecessary complexity. Oh, and the girl's a cutie too.

HTML Help Toy free tag HTML Help Toy HTMLHelpToy A great little tool to quickly and easily master HTML. Type HTML in one panel and watch your page grow in the other. Use this together with ANY HTML book or course to amplify your learning!! There's no mystery, it's a matter of instant feedback.

Email Cloaker free tag Email Cloaker Web Email Cloaker Publish your email address on a website and you'll be looking down the barrel of a thousand loaded spammers. You've basically got two solutions -- implement a complex "contact us" form with a server script (which will still be hacked) or download this little spam spider confounder tool. It basically takes your email address and highly mangles it in such a way that it is well nigh impossible for a spam spider to get at it. Don't post your email address without this handy little cloaker!!

Keyword Tool free tag Keyword Tool Web Keyword Server: Yet another keyword tool using the ever popular overture keyword inventory site (now owned by Yahoo). The unique angle with this tool is that it allows you to enter multiple keywords (separated by commas) and it fetches lists for each keyword then compiles the lists together (ordered by popularity). This is really helpful for building large keyword lists. Note: the overture inventory web server has been very very slow lately. Be patient!!

The AJAX Homepage Replacement Project

notepad custom search homepage

Do you use Google as you homepage too? I've been working on a replacement home page with the old (cooler) Google link layout and a "QuickLinks" section with a bunch of the most common links I want to see. It's super lightweight and uses AJAX to let you quickly and easily customize it to create your ultimate custom homepage.

Go ahead and try it as your desktop for a few days and let me know what you think! I'd really appreciate your feedback to help me build something really useful fast!

Check out my Replacement Homepage Project »

HTML tastes best when made with Notepad!
or any plain old text editor...

I love my text editor! For years I've been writing my HTML with a text editor (my own version of Notepad) and I've resisted using Frontpage or Dreamweaver because those high-level tools spew out so much crappy HTML and bandwidth was limited!!

Ok, bandwidth is no longer limited but, thanks to CSS, XHTML and the rise of CMS systems (content management), web developers are now finally valuing clean HTML (XHTML) again.

The cool thing I've noticed lately is that knowledge of raw HTML is becoming more important. As HTML transitions into a templating language with the new wave of content management systems. (Yes, Drupal rocks!)

Working with raw HTML/CSS is getting easier and a lot more fun thanks to Firefox tools like firebug!

Not yet using FireFox & FireBug?

Simply put, FireBug changes everything for HTML/CSS developers. FireBug is a free FireFox plugin that allows to explore and modify web pages quickly. For example, I can click 'inspect' then mouse over any element to see exactly what CSS file (and what line number) sets the font style! This is such a huge leap forward in web development that it simply makes everything else obsolete. Best of all, it's completely free!

  • Step 1: download FireFox    
  • Step 2: Install FireFox with DOM traversing enabled!!
  • Step 3: Download the FireBug Plugin

Looking for our popular Basic HTML Tutorial?

For those starting from scratch, here's the Zero to Sixty HTML tutorial: Notepad HTML Tutorial »»

To get rolling very quickly, we suggest you check out web.com's new small business web site design service. You can have your small commercial website up in minutes.

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Would Someone Please Distill HTML Down a Bit?

Someone just did! Cut down the learning time by focusing on this incredible one-page HTML cheat sheet. It's pretty much all the HTML you need to build cool sites condensed into just one page. All fluff is just gone!!